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Deserts - magical, beautiful and same time dangerous places on earth
Peter Tomsu, Photographer
Deserts are some really magical and special places, especially interesting for photographers! There are many deserts on earth, I had the chance to visit especially deserts in the South West of the United States, amongst them Death Valley and Joshua Tree National Park.

Especially Desert Valley is a place where I cannot get enough of visiting, it is beautiful and dangerous same time and one only can hardly imagine how the first white men went through on their way to the west. Beautiful colors, stone formations, sand dunes, mountains in the back with snow on their tops, glowing heat , this is a combination hardly to be seen elsewhere. Simply an exciting place for a photographer

Joshua Tree National Park is a beautiful spot in California, especially if you visit in spring - around March April - when everything is in blossom.

Enjoy the images ……

Death Valley
Joshua Tree